Welcome to the new home of Municipality Watchdog.

Municipality Watchdog was established with the objective of keeping an eye on service delivery in local municipalities in South Africa, and to hold the government accountable.
In order to improve poor service delivery, Municipality Watchdog would like to:
o Compile a report on the communities’ needs.
o Present a report to the government departments.
o And get their views on these issues.
Municipality Watchdog has identified in the last weeks/months that service delivery is a major concern for the South African community, and there are some residents who do not even have basic facilities such as:
o Running water.
o Electricity.
o Or a house to stay in.
Many communities have now begun standing together in protest over the poor conditions they have to live in, even after living 21 years in democracy.
It is for these reasons that Municipality Watchdog was established, to give power to the voice of the community that they are searching for.
The overall purpose of Municipality Watchdog is to keep an eye on local municipalities’ service delivery, and in turn hold the government accountable if they fail to deliver on promises made.
If you would like the help of Municipality Watchdog in respect to the improvement of service delivery in your local municipality, do get in touch today.

What we have seen over the few weeks or even a few months, service delivery is a big concern in South Africa. Service delivery is poor in our communities and some residents don’t even have the basic facilities such as running water, electricity or a house to stay and still making use of the bucket system.

What we have recently witnessed is communities standing together and protests over the poor conditions they have to live in. These protests took place all over South Africa and were very hot news stories .We recently celebrated 21 years of democracy and still there is people living in these conditions.

That’s why I decided to start the Municipality Watchdog “Your voice is Power”. The purpose of this watchdog is to keep a close eye on service delivery in local municipalities in South Africa and to hold our government accountable. We would like to hear from you, please forward any information, comments or pictures to email hidden; JavaScript is required. We would like to compile a report to see what the needs is in our communities, we will then present our report to the government departments and get their views on this issues. You can alternately visit our website at www.municipality-watchdog.co.za

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