Enforce Disabled Parking

Stay out of the disabled parking bay if you are not disabled!!

Enforce Disabled Parking is a community-based organization which brings citizens and their cities together to address disabled parking abuse. We believe that the best individuals to report disabled parking abuse are the individuals who need disabled parking for their daily activities.


Regardless of how well any one city enforces their disabled parking spaces, their enforcement agents (police, etc) cannot be everywhere…all the time. And in cases where a violation is called in to a city, most often enforcement agents cannot arrive at the location in time to ticket the offender. People with disabilities see disabled parking abuse because we look for it everywhere we go.

The Enforce Disabled Parking programme empowers citizens to report a violation. The Enforce Disabled Parking Programme in Association with the Municipality Watchdog would like to make a difference the life’s of disable people looking for parking. The Enforce Disable Parking would like to encourage disable people to make use of this service, we would also like to invite shopping malls and other business to come onboard and assist to keep the disabled parking assessable. The Enforce Disabled Programme would also like fines to be levied against a perpetrator; this money will then be donated to a disabled charity of your choice.For further information don’t hesitate to contact us on 082 640 1051 or via email on email hidden; JavaScript is required

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