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Munsolve is acting as your agent on the accuracy of your municipal bill at your local municipality. We render services to municipal rateMunsolvepayers and consumers and interact on their behalf with municipalities. We relieve you of your frustration when interacting with municipalities on the accuracy of municipal bills.

Our key focus areas are:

* Integrity of accounts rendered by municipalities to property owners and municipal consumers.
* Obtaining clearance certificates in time from municipalities when transferring property.
* Uniting municipal ratepayers and consumers in SA under the Munsolve umbrella. * Protecting your right as part of the municipality and ensuring your voice are heard on budgets, service delivery standards, tariffs, by-laws and policies affecting the manner in which you are billed for rates and services.  It is our view, based on interaction with municipalities, that it will take a number of years before the consumer can take the integrity and transparency of accounts rendered by municipalities for granted. In view of this, we offer a monthly subscription service where Munsolve scrutinizes the monthly bill of subscribers for a monthly fee, payable via debit order. The purpose of the monthly fee is to detect a problem before you as ratepayer and consumer are taken to court of your services terminated, even if the account is inaccurate. the montly subscription fee is to enable Munsolve to act much in the same manner as a labour union – standing up for YOU! We have the required skill, capacity and previous exposure to add value to municipal consumers and you are invited to browse our site, register and participate on the forums created and receive our newsletters.

We are contributing to municipalities by improving the integrity of the bills they render. We view the municipal bill as the most important communication channel between the consumer and the municipality and dedicate our service to ensure that the consumer is treated fair and with dignity and respect. Such is demonstrated when a consumer account can be trusted for integrity and transparency and when wrong entries on accounts are rectified before the next bill is presented. Nothing less is acceptable, especially when viewed in light of allocations to municipalities by Treasury from nationally collected income tax.

Enjoy our services! With your subscription and moral support, Munsolve will change the manner in which you are treated by municipalities in SA. It is time to stand up and make a positive contribution. We have had enough of poor services and responses, corruption, appointment of the politically connected, inefficient management resulting in inflated tariffs and selective credit control.

For more information about the services rendered by Munsolve – Munsolve – Services information pamphlet

Please click on the link for the contact details of your nearest Munsolve Office Munsolve Offices are located: – Rustenburg (Head Office), Tshwane, Klerksdorp and Bela-Bela



Contact Munsolve

Munsolve House, 248 Beyers Naude Drive,

Rustenburg, 0299

P.O.Box 21109, Protea Park, 0305

Tel: (014) 592 7135; (014) 592 6979

Fax: 086 684 3719

E-mail: email hidden; JavaScript is required


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